Varsity Powerlifting · The “Power” Of A Team – Oh What A Team!

When one thinks of the sport of Powerlifting, do girls come to mind?  Well in Big Red Country it should.  Once again our girls excelled and this time at State Competition over the weekend in Lake Orion.  Coach Mel Tatti and her amazing team of girls took the stage and walked away with much to be appreciated after a long season of a ton of hard work!

In Coach Tatti’s words:

“The Lady Big Red Powerlifters competed at the State Meet on Friday and Saturday at Lake Orion this weekend.

Our JV All State lifters were Abi Pionk, Ceiri Thompson, Frankie Baranowski, Kayla Whiting, Kacey Szczepkowski, Jasmine Mylan, Destinea Williams, Aaliyah Muma, Emily Peyerk, Elli Kretschmer, Tionna Adams, Brianna Collins, and Santia Thomason.  Our JV State Champion was Damajiea Smith with an amazing total of 695lbs and she also broke the JV state squat record.  Great Job JV Ladies!

Our Varsity All State lifters were Judy Hoang, Jada Adame, Kayley Lambert, Karissa Hinojosa, Jaida Mixon, Olivia Bales, Lyric Monzo, and Keyera Slaughter.  We had two Varsity State Champions – Kourtney Thomason and Dayle McKinley.  Both girls set new squat records and total records, and Dayle also broke the bench record.  Great season Varsity girls!”

Congratulations to all of our Lady Powerlifters!


The following is an excerpt from an article written by Joseph Hayes, Times Herald and published March 10th, 2018.   Powerlifting finals:  Croswell-Lexington wins 7th straight state title.    View Times Herald Article In Entirety


The Port Huron High School powerlifting team after
The Port Huron High School powerlifting team after placing second at the state finals. (Photo: Submitted by Jeremiah May)

Port Huron was second overall after an impressive performance. They had two state champions – Dayle McKinley at 242 pounds plus and Kourtney Thomason at 145 pounds. McKinley set a new state record in the squat (365), bench (210) and total weight (925).

“We started off and got there at 6:45 a.m. and checked in right away and got settled down and prepared for what was ahead of us,” McKinley said. “At 8:15 we went into warm-up and did our stretches and got going. We had our little talk with our coaches and it was time for the lifters meeting. Everyone was helping everyone today.

“We were all trying to help each other spotting. It was just a great experience for all of our seniors getting medals and placing and getting totals and setting new personal records. The atmosphere was perfect.”

Several Port Huron High participants finished the year in the top 10 in their division to earn all-state awards.

Judy Hoang (97 pounds) was fourth overall for Port Huron High. Jada Adame (105) was fifth. Kayley Lambert was second overall at 132 pounds. Karissa Hinojosa was second at 145 pounds while Jaida Mixon was ninth in the same division. Olivia Bales was second place at 198 pounds, Lyric Monzo placed 10th at 220 pounds and Keyera Slaughter was sixth at 242 pounds plus.